My day was not my usual kind of Sunday, for several reasons. Sometimes, things come up and bite you, and it throws the day off kilter. That happened to me today.

I have a few appointments this week. One tomorrow, another on Tuesday, and another on Thursday. I have a list as long as my (fairly short) arm of things I must do this week. Most are things I deplore and am not looking forward to, in the slightest. On the weekends, and mainly on Sundays, I watch NASCAR Cup series racing. I also, almost always, listen to my favorite driver’s team radio feed. Add that to my list of today’s unpleasantness: the feed would not work for me today. Insert my loud grumbles here.  To put it mildly, I was not a happy camper, and it was barely the early afternoon.

Due to all of this, I knew should be doing so many other things, things screaming for attention, things on the bottom of my list of Likes. So, what did I actually do? I hid in my bedroom, away from The Others. I grabbed a snack and a fresh Diet Coke, set up my nest of pillows and my knitting pile, plugged in my phone so I could chat with my best friend the way we always do on race days, and I turned on NASCAR. Deep breath. I felt better, for a while.

I started what I had hoped would be a quick knitted gift for one of my nieces, so it could be delivered to her home by next weekend for her birthday later in the month. I started, made it through 30 rows, noticed big mistakes, frogged the whole thing and started again, new pattern. I started, and worked on it for the duration of the race, doing a row and checking in with my friend, while watching and listening to the race…

The race did not go our way. It wasn’t the worst, but it wasn’t as good as it needed to be for my driver. It will be okay. He is fine. He was not injured, never had a wreck today or anything like that. For that, I am always genuinely thankful. I just wanted so badly for him to be in the running for the championship. It’s not meant to be, and I can accept it. I have more thoughts and feelings on those matters, which I will save until I process them a bit longer.

After the race, during the post-race interviews, I realized I had made a few large errors in the item. UGH!!! Not happy. Very upset at myself, actually. It took me a few hours to get the thing 6 inches long, give or take. It’s going to be a scarf, maybe also a matching hat. Right now, it’s a pink ball again. I frogged attempt number two.

My flu shot site has blown up. It’s swollen and irritated, so I’ll have the doctor check it out tomorrow. Another tick in the column of things that sucked today!

I have not done my formal writing or reading for today, yet. I just spent twenty minutes writing this blog post, though, so I call that a win. I will spend some time after I post this adding to my main WIP writing project, another ten or twenty on the 30 Days Ninja Writing project, and before bed, I will read.

I need this week to go smoothly, and for tomorrow to just be a little bit better than today.