I have family members who survived Hurricane Matthew. They did sustain some damage around their yards, a large tree came down, and at least one of the homes needs minor repairs. The most important thing is that all humans are alive and intact, as are the pets. Everyone is working on cleanup, and getting back into their daily routine. It will take a few days or weeks, but they are thankful to have survived the worse hurricane to hit the southeastern US in over a decade. I’m glad they’re okay, too. It’s nice they are all positive and hopeful. They help others out, as well, normally. That spirit of helping their neighbors, along with their communities, is part of how we were all raised. I’m not surprised when I hear in their tone that same sense of cooperation and willingness to come to the aid of people close to them in need.

I have not written yet today. That’s next on my list. I’ll read before I go to sleep. I still have the migraine. Could it please go away???

I watched NASCAR races and ran an errand this evening. We had one day of no A/C before someone turned the heat on. It’s too early for the heat, in my opinion, but it wasn’t my decision.