I got up earlier than usual. Correction: I got up and showered, dressed, and left the house earlier than usual. We had to do a long list of errands, with a goal of being done and home before 1:00. Considering things never seem to go as planned, the fact we got back at 1:15 was impressive.

Accomplishments are measured in a wide variety of ways. Today, I was feeling great that I had been out of bed for a few hours. I helped Mom with things she needed to get done, and I finished some big tasks I needed to do today. We ticked off multiple to-do list chores. I took a break. I watched NASCAR practice for a short time before the day took a downward turn.

Sickness is unpleasant, no matter what it is. I live with chronic illness and constant pain. My “normal” is already on a lower grade of functionality and tolerance than people who are blessed with not having the same issues. I became ill suddenly, and have been all evening. I am a combination of annoyed, stressed, angry, frustrated and indifferent about the fact that there is nothing I can do about it. I get through the best I can, slugging down the pills, sipping the ginger ale or flat cola (which tastes disgusting; carbonation is my friend), nibbling Keebler Club crackers or dry toast (hoping it stays down), and resting.

Always, I hope I feel better as soon as possible. There are things I’d planned to do this evening, which are impossible and/or unpleasant while feeling so ill. I need tomorrow to be smooth, this acute problem in the rearview mirror, so I can get some things done here at home!

I could not write today, but I’m about to settle in and work on it for a short time. I want to read before bed. That will depend on if my eyelids can stave off the sleepiness the meds cause, long enough to get through a chapter or two.