I was awake and out of the house early for me, again. It’s especially unusual on a Saturday. Last night, I spent hours not sleeping, sick. I didn’t dare go to sleep, but, after eight hours of acute suffering, my body gave in and made me close my eyes, with the light on. My phone wasn’t plugged in, the volume wasn’t on (no alarm would go off, and I wouldn’t get my wake-up call); I had a freaky dream and was shocked awake when someone walked into my room, shouting for me to wake up after an hour and a half of strange sleep.

Somehow, I plowed through a massive stack of paperwork, stuff that’s critical to my daily life and sustenance. BIG pile. It was time-consuming, and had a deadline. That’s completed, copied and mailed off. I mailed a card to someone special, sent a birthday package to one of my sisters, and did a few other quick errands. I was back at the house by Noon.

The morning was productive. That was all, until a few minutes ago. I will get some writing done, and then I hope to read before I give in and go to sleep at a somewhat reasonable hour tonight.

Tomorrow, I hope I can knock out a higher word count, although it isn’t about that, for me. It’s more about completing the actual chapter I’m on, at the moment.


Everyone has different goals. Mine change all the time. Tomorrow, I would like to finish drafting my chapter and, hopefully, edit it to being worthy of publishing it in the forum I use for that venture.