I have had a challenging few months, and it doesn’t seem to be easing up at all. I’m carving out a few minutes here and there to write, though it seems it isn’t up to my usual personal standards.

I did complete a few knitting projects for late-Autumn and Christmas gifts. My energy has slowed down since mid-December. I keep going, but I’m not sure how or why most days.

Things are going on in several areas of my life regarding my family (and their medical stuff), my friends and their families, and my own health. It’s stressful, and I’ve had more limited means than normal to get out and sit somewhere else, or even to go grab a spot at Starbucks or Panera, just for a different ambience.

Here is a sample of what’s occurred:

-Cat swallowed a 3-foot piece of white curling ribbon (used in gift wrapping) and required emergency surgery, $$$$, meds, a few trips back and forth to the vet hospital, and has now had the stitches out (belly is still bald but beginning to grow fur back, slowly).

-Mother to ER and hospital on Dec. 30th, admitted, stayed inpatient through Jan. 1st. Long story, and precarious, unresolved medical problems.

-My long-time friend’s father had a stroke on Christmas Day, then he died this weekend. Calling hours tonight, funeral tomorrow. Friend wants me there, and I’d like to be there for said friend. I can’t, due to distance, money, medical obstacles.

-Bronchitis, doc appointments, urgent care, more doc visits, pleurisy, x-rays, pneumonia, breathing treatments… one month+ and counting of being sick myself, dragging around, wearing on what were already raw and shaky nerves through all of the holidays, and likely through my upcoming birthday. Tons of fun right here.

-Last night/today/tomorrow is 18 long years since a pivotal and horrific event in my life. I’m struggling. It’s always a tough few dates to get through; this year seems harder than most. I want to ask for what I need, which is impossible when I’m not even sure what that would be.

I’m around, I’m trying to stay upbeat and positive…