March 19th, I had just hung up from a phone call with my baby sister. While fiddling around, getting ready for bed, I noticed the soreness. The distant ache that creeps toward the front, begging for more and more attention. The irritation you know has been there intermittently for a while, but that you had pushed aside, figuring maybe that’s the next small cavity that will require a filling next time you see the dentist. You hope that’s all it is. But, when it shoots down your jawline into your neck and wakes you from a dream about your fantasy guy, and keeps you awake thinking about how you might have to call the dentist when the office opens at 8:00, reality sinks in,

It started this way. One tooth, one pain. It became something much more painful, and something quite costly, in numerous ways.

I’ll have to continue to share more about it later, though; I have an appointment at my oral surgeon’s office this afternoon. We are buddies (and no, I’d never even been to one before this circus started).