Fall is my favorite season. I love the color of the trees as they change. I enjoy the cooler air.

I wish OUR air was cooler. We’re still in the 90s and I’m ready for it to drop down twenty or so degrees during the daytime, any week now!

I’ve been sick. Same song, different dark melody. It’s been a tiring few months, again, of coughing, medicine, and other unpleasantness. I have some other semi-major medical stuff going on, to add to the ever-present chronic illnesses and conditions. It wears me down and makes me miserable to be around. I try my hardest to not be a downer, but the reality is… that is too exhausting to pretend, some days.

It hurts to breathe, it’s hard to move, even in my bed. Getting up, showering, doing anything the least bit productive is just… work.

Knitting had been going quite well. I’d tackled some projects I had hoped to be finished with already. I had to stop when the vertigo caused me to feel physically ill and unable to look at what I was even doing. It’s ridiculous and sad, honestly.

I have a pile of projects I’ve started and I’m not sure when I’ll get to finish them. I made a simple garter stitch scarf for a friend’s birthday (but didn’t send it yet). I crocheted some simple little flowers for my niece’s birthday. I glued them to barrettes for her hair. They turned out okay. Not as nice as I’d wanted, but since I’m still a beginner at crochet, I think anything I attempted and actually finished was progress.

Writing has been stagnant the past week. I’ll get back into my groove.