I had a few important things the past few days, aside from the kickoff of nanowrimo. But also, it’s really hot here. We shut the heat off. And I want the AC, but have to kind of suffer this week that’s hotter, until it cools off a little in about a week.

I had my routine mammogram screening on Wednesday. The tech was wonderful. I felt comfortable enough to ask some questions, which is a big deal for me, big progress trying to advocate for myself with my care. Won’t know results for a while. But, good thing is, no real reason to expect anything unusual.

Thursday was big, semi-annual bloodwork, when they draw about a half gallon of blood. Okay, maybe not quite that much, but it felt like it. Had a good chat with the provider, covered many issues and concerns. Cleared up some things that are forthcoming, it was stressful. However, I kicked ass and survived it all. I would like to get more into why it is so f###ing hard to get through all of it, but I’m not there– yet.

I finished up a knitted gift for a family member and planned a gift for another. Birthdayvember in my family can be a challenge, especially with adult siblings who aren’t the easiest to find or make just the right thing. We even celebrated a pet’s birthday. Maybe that’s weird, and we never used to do that until recently. For a variety of reasons, it seems meaningful to the people though, to mark three occasions and be grateful our animal companions are with us. 🐈❤️

I’m busting through with my bullet journal and making progress on my nano story, as well as on one of my ongoing WIPs. I have a migraine, and plans for a few items I want to accomplish later, so time to post this and get some rest, after cranking emotionally-charged music as loud as possible for an hour.