Easter was worse than what “just any other day” has been like around here lately. I did get a little box of candy and a card for my dad, and I gave Mom a card. No one gave me anything. I didn’t expect anything, but a card or something, at least from Dad… would’ve been nice. I should’ve gotten myself a little chocolate bunny or a Cadbury egg. I love those things. I received some group texts from siblings. I couldn’t even work up the mental energy to reply. That’s not like me, but Mom called me bright and early to bitch at me about clothes she needed. I’d already washed clothes and bagged them up to take to her, and was getting ready to do so when she called. Between how she acted and how physically ill I felt, I decided screw it and let Dad take the clothes to her later in the day. She called again just after 8 pm – long story, but I’d originally thought I’d go hang with her and we could watch the NBC live Jesus Christ Superstar thing… nothing went to plan. I didn’t go see her, the card was delivered with her clothes via Dad, and I ate cold leftover pizza, alone, and thought about what a weird, twilight zone- type life I have lately.


I’d like to say today was better, but it wasn’t. I needed to make some calls regarding one of my hospital bills, insurance, and other red tape. I had to move a car because the lawn mower is busted and one of Dad’s friends is bringing one for him to borrow… I need to do so many things and I can barely make my butt move.

Mom didn’t come home today. Maybe another day this week, but we will just have to wait and see how things go.