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Yarn Day & NASCAR

Some would say NASCAR and yarn are a weird combination. That might be true. However, for me it’s a fairly usual blend of two of my favorite things. I dig racing a LOT. And, I’m a knitter. October 13th is Yarn Day, and I’d had every intention of setting aside a good hour or so to work on a project I have underway. I had thought I might also happen to knit while watching a NASCAR truck race… no, that did not come to pass. I watched the race, but continued to get interrupted by various real life matters. And, after the race, I thought THIS IS IT, MY TIME TO SIT AND KNIT! Guess what – nope, no knitting. Zero.

It was not the calm, relaxing, soul-filling day or hour I needed badly, not just because it was yarn day…. for so many reasons. I actually did not do a thing I wanted to do in a way I wanted to, all day… yes, the race was on. And, the driver/crew chief team I’ve been rooting for will survive to the next round of the playoffs (the #16, if you’re wondering). I chatted with my bestie off and on most of the afternoon and some of tonight, as we could. We talk most every day, even if it’s “I’m sick, talk to you tomorrow.” It’s the best friendship I’ve ever had in my life, and I’ve been blessed to have some awesome ones. Anyway… I need some self care and some quiet, relaxing time. I don’t know when or how I’ll have that, because life has been too hectic, too unpredictable, too out of anyone’s control… everyone needs SOME down time. I will get back to posting on here more regularly, too. I’m working on it.


Writing and Recuperating

I managed to write every day, somehow, the past few, for a little while, though I can’t say the quality has been up to my usual level. Today was the first in about a week I didn’t want to delete every single thing I came up with. Making progress on the chapter. I think I can finish it tomorrow. I’m going to the library, as long as my head and my stomach stay leveled out.

Found out a bunch of big, wild stuff that’s going on in one of my friends’ worlds. It is information I can’t share publicly. It’s a lot. I wish I could visit and do anything tangible to help. Mind is swirling tonight.

Tomorrow, in addition to getting my chapter finished and spending time at the library, I’m setting up my project that will have its own post. Stay tuned.

Up and Down Day

I still have this stupid migraine. I had to function, and also help someone with many tasks and errands. I am exhausted.

We managed to get my weekly bloodwork done, along with the monthly vet visit for the black cat checked off our list. We went to the pharmacy for a special order. It was Jimmy Johns for lunch, the library to return books, then home.

A friend sent me some new books through Amazon. It was a random act of kindness… she did it yesterday, told me to watch for packages and two books arrived today. Put a smile on my face. She said some more should arrive tomorrow. Wow! So nice of her.

Back out for more errands. Walmart was a nightmare, because there was a LARGE vehicle wreck, or something… still waiting for the investigation. More than a dozen cars were involved. Thankfully, the only injuries were minor.

There was family drama tonight. I can’t get into it. I’m upset.

The hurricane that is heading toward Florida is going to affect many of my family members and friends. I worry about them, but I also know that most of them have made plans or are preparing the best they can. I pray they all get through this safely.

The blanket I knit for my new baby niece has been complete since September 21st, the day the baby was born. It is now folded, wrapped, and going to its new home tomorrow. I hope my sister appreciates it, and hope my niece loves it as she gets older.

I’ll post pics after they have received and opened it. Early bedtime for me tonight. I’m too worn out and sore to focus on writing. I may read, if my eyes will stay open for a few chapters.











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