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Is it Only Thursday?

This feels like the fifteenth Thursday, or maybe Monday… of a week. I’d like to say I am doing better, feeling better, in less pain. That would be a lie.

What I can say is I spent fifteen minutes cleaning today. I wish it could’ve been more. I need to *just* do these small bites as I feel up to them, or the bigger projects will never transpire. I have to feel like even the small steps are something forward and not me remaining stuck.

Progress is slow, and my struggles are still large and ever-present. A few little steps today felt like big ones, so it’s a start.

This is Becoming a Habit

I’m writing every day. I’m reading every day. I’m blogging every day (though the date may look off, it’s only a few minutes after Midnight – I count it as a day if it’s on the night of the corresponding/previous daytime). I would say I’m making progress.

I still feel quite sick, but hopefully tomorrow I will have energy and focus to delve deeper into a topic here. Fingers crossed.

I shared the Ninja Writers facebook group with my best friend tonight, after asking if she wanted to check it out. I hope it benefits her, too. It’s been helping me grow in my confidence.


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